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Deep Tissue Massage In Cambridge



Deep Tissue Massage focuses on releasing the deeper myofascial tightness in the deeper muscles, tendons and ligaments within the body.


Using deep strokes, tightness and tension can be identified. Pressure is then used to access below the superficial connective tissue, to break up old structural patterns and encourage nutrients and oxygen to the blood.


“Trigger point” work is also carried out during the massage – this is when an area of tightness is worked, releasing pain and discomfort in a different area. this is known as “referred pain” and is very common.

Deep Tissue Massage is beneficial in helping to free trapped nerves, oxygenate poorly circulated areas and enourages the spine and joints to relax into alignment.


We would not recommend you book in for a Deep Tissue Massage if you are not used to massage – try a Swedish Massage instead.


A 60 or 90 minute appointment is recommended for your first booking (we can concentrate on 1-2 areas) with follow ups of 60 minutes, and later 30 minute maintenance appointments.


Deep Tissue Massage can cause discomfort but we will always work within your limits and ask for feedback throughout the treatment.


Benefits of Deep Tissue Massage

  • boosts circulation
  • helps remove toxins
  • helps to relieve stress
  • great for athletes & sports enthusiasts
  • helps relieve chronic joint or muscle injuries

Deep Tissue Massage should be avoided if –

  • you are pregnant (please book in for a¬†pregnancy massage instead)
  • you are new to massage treatments
  • are going through cancer treatment, have an infection, have had recent surgery, cellulitis, thrombosis or acute allergies

I had my first Deep Tissue Massage yesterday at the Cambridge studio. I didn’t know what to expect as I had only had back massages in the past, but on Sophie’s recommendation I gave it a go. Almost instantly after working on my hamstrings did the niggling pain in my lower back release! ¬†

Rhys G