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Fertility Reflexology

Fertility Reflexology In Cambridge


At The Cambridge Massage Company, we specialise in Fertility Reflexology, gaining over a decade’s experience helping women relax and take charge during their fertility journey.

Using Reflexology for fertility is extremely powerful as it encourages the body to regulate hormones, lengthen/shorten cycles and luteal phases and stimulates ovulation.

Whether you are going through IUI, IVF or unexplained infertility, during your appointments, you will feel listened to, understood and supported. 

Benefits of Fertility Reflexology 

Gives you focus, predictability + control

Relieves anxiety + helps alleviate depression

Promotes better sleep

Rebalances hormones + stimulates ovulation

Decreases cortisol in the body

Stimulates lymphatic drainage + removal of toxins

Fertility Reflexology should be avoided if –

  • you have foot injuries or fractures
  • are going through cancer treatment, have an infection, have had recent surgery, cellulitis, thrombosis or acute allergies

Ready to book?

Reflexology has given me a sense of control during our journey of trying to conceive.

I have felt very blessed to have Sophie by my side throughout it.

After round 3 of IVF I am now 22 weeks pregnant and I couldn’t be happier!

Mary M