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Natural Lift Facial Massage In Cambridge


This beautiful facial massage blends Indian face massage, Acupressure, lymphatic drainage and Japanese facial techniques to relax the face and neck muscles, resulting in a rested and more youthful glow.

It is beneficial to book a course of 4-6 facials, approximately a week apart, although a stand alone treatment will still make a difference.

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Benefits of Natural Lift FAcial Massage

  • improves skin tone and suppleness
  • relieves anxiety
  • reduces tension in the face, scalp and jaw
  • reduces puffiness and eliminates toxins
  • removes dead skin cells
  • promotes circulation
  • stimulates rejuvination and cell activity
  • decreases cortisol in the body
  • promotes better sleep

I have just had my first natural lift facial massage, and I’m blown away by how sculpted my face looks!

Miss F Gill