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Swedish Massage In Cambridge


Swedish Massage is a vigorous yet relaxing treatment, and is known as the father of Western massage.

Promoting overall wellness, it is deeply relaxing as well as promoting a multitude of wellness benefits.

Using pure organic oil, you will be kneaded, pummelled and stretched, leaving you feeling lighter, taller and energised.


Swedish Massage focuses on –

  • arms
  • hands
  • feet
  • legs
  • back
  • neck 
  • shoulders

Benefits of Swedish Massage

  • boosts circulation
  • relieves anxiety
  • helps alleviate depression
  • relieves muscular tension
  • decreases cortisol in the body
  • stimulates lympathic drainage

Swedish Massage should be avoided if –

  • you are pregnant (please book in for a  pregnancy massage instead)
  • are going through cancer treatment, have an infection, have had recent surgery, cellulitis, thrombosis or acute allergies

I am so fussy when it comes to any kind of beauty, hair or massage treatments, but I can safely say that Sophie is one of, if not, the best there is. She has an amazing knowledge which only comes with years of training and experience.

She is so dedicated to her clients and each massage is simply divine.

I actually keep her a secret so I can get an appointment!

Sally M