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I have been having Reflexology sessions for the past few months to help with my insomnia.

I have felt so relaxed during and after the treatment, and have slept much better since we started.

I’d really recommend Sophie for her professional approach and deep knowledge of her art.

Mindy L

My weekly Reflexology sessions with Sophie are the highlight of my week!

I really resonate her approach to health and wellness, and she’s always full of great advice. 

She listens to my needs each week, and responds in our sessions accordingly.

It never fails to astound me what she can tell just from my feet!

Marlene A

Reflexology has definitely helped with my stress levels.

Working full time and juggling motherhood has caused me to suffer from symptoms of stress. 

I don’t know how it works, but Sophie seems to make me feel so much better!

Sarah B

Sophie treated me through my second round of IUI, resulting in a healthy pregnancy and birth.

Reflexology was actually recommended to us by our clinic, and although I was dubious in the beginning, it clearly worked!

Her weekly appointments helped me to manage the emotional and  hormonal rollercoaster I was experiencing, helping me keep sane and sleep better at night.

Katy J

Reflexology has given me a sense of control during our journey of trying to conceive.

I have felt very blessed to have Sophie by my side throughout it.

After round 3 of IVF I am now 22 weeks pregnant and I couldn’t be happier!

Mary M

After dealing with many miscarriages I found Sophie through a recommendation from a friend.

I soon fell pregnant once again and ended up giving birth to a beautiful, healthy baby boy.

I have since attended some of Sophie’s workshops which have added a whole other dimension to the understanding of my health and wellness. Her practical tips are easy to fit in to my hectic lifestyle.

Rachel S

I had weekly Reflexology treatments throughout my second and third trimester.

I felt it really help to prepare my body for birth. My waters actually broke the evening after my last appointment!

Sophie is simply wonderful and I would recommend her to everyone.

Katrina C

I visited Sophie throughout both of my pregnancies and I have recommended her to all of my friends.

She’s our secret tool to keep us relaxed throughout our pregnancies!

Sarah W

I was recommedned to Sophie by my NCT instructor (who is also a client of Sophie’s!)

After every appointment I sleep deeply and wake rested.

Reflexology has also helped me with pregnancy aches and pains, which has helped me work further in to my pregnancy than I anticipated (which has meant a longer maternity leave.)

Helen S

My fortnightly Aromatherapy Massage appointments are my saving grace! I have been visiting Sophie for the past 3 years and love her no-nonsense (yet gentle) approach. I leave my appointments floating on air but feeling ready to conquer anything.

Amber F

I am so fussy when it comes to any kind of beauty, hair or massage treatments, but I can safely say that Sophie is one of, if not, the best there is. She has an amazing knowledge which only comes with years of training and experience.

She is so dedicated to her clients and each massage is simply divine.

I actually keep her a secret so I can get an appointment!

Sally M

I love my weekly Aromtherapy sessions with Sophie. Each week she tailors the blend, depending on my emotions and cycle. 

It really is pure bliss!

Katie J

Seeing Sophie was my fortnightly treat during my pregnancy.

Being through it herself, she understands how I’m feeling (the good and bad!) and is very nurturing.

I have recommended Sophie’s pregnancy massages to many of my pregnannt friends who have thanked me for it!

Katharine G

I visited Sophie throughout both of my pregnancies and I have recommended her to all of my friends.

She’s our secret tool to keep us relaxed throughout our pregnancies!

Sarah W

Sophie’s weekly pregnancy massages keep my aches at bay.

I have see Sophie through both of my pregnancies and she is absolutely brilliant at making me feel wonderful (even when I’m waddling and swollen.)

I can’t recommend having a pregnancy massage highly enough.

You won’t regret it!

Shereen B


I’ve never had a Lomi Lomi Massage before, and this was out of this world.

Rosie T

I’m so glad my friend boked me in for a Lomi Lomi Massage, or I’d never have thought to book in myself.

90 minutes felt like a night’s sleep it was that relaxing.

I’ve never felt so deeply restored after any kind of massage.

Rachel A

I’m not sure if I slept or was dreaming throughout the massage, but I woke up feeling like I was on another planet!

Definitely booking in again.

Pippa M