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warm bamboo Massage In Cambridge


Warm Bamboo Massage is a therapeutic massage, using a range of different sized warmed bamboo sticks, which are then rolled, pushed and worked into the muscles.


This can be either a deeply relaxing experience, or the bamboo massage sticks can be used to help warm tense muscles and help to penerate adhesions and tightness.


In a 60 minute Warm Bamboo Massage appointment, we can cover the back, neck, shoulders, arms, legs feet and hands, or for specific areas a 90 minute appointment is recommended.





Benefits of warm bamboo massage Massage

  • boosts circulation
  • promotes better sleep
  • aids relaxation
  • relieves anxiety
  • helps alleviate depression
  • relieves muscular tension
  • decreases cortisol in the body
  • stimulates lympathic drainage
  • helps remove toxins

warm bamboo Massage should be avoided if –

  • you are pregnant (please book in for a¬†pregnancy massage instead)
  • are going through cancer treatment, have an infection, have had recent surgery, cellulitis, thrombosis or acute allergies

The warm bamboo managed to get into knots in my shoulders which had been bothering me for years! 

Sean H