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Corporate Massage 

Mobile Corporate Massage In Cambridge


The Cambridge Massage Company offers a fully insured mobile massage service to offices and co-working spaces in Cambridge.


Seated Acupressure Massage is carried out in an upright massage chair, without the need to remove clothing or use oil. We concentrate on the back, neck shoulders, scalp, arms and hands.


Treatments last a minimum of 10 minutes and can be booked as an on-going wellness programme or a one-off staff experience.



15 million working days lost in 2017 due to work related stress and anxiety

  • Want to reduce your company’s sick days? 100% 100%

Benefits to your staff

Show your staff you care

Staff will feel appreciated and cared for

Reduce pain & RSI

Staff will feel the benefits of less pain and work related injuries

Keep stress under control

Staff will instantly feel less stressed

Promote inclusiveness

Staff will feel a sense of inclusiveness 

Benefits to your company

Reduce the number of sick days

Massage boosts the immune system keeping your staff healthy

Increase productivity & sales

With fresh blood pumping to the brain, staff will feel motivated and raring to go

Thinking outside the box

Your workforce will start thinking creatively and clearly

Boost morale & staff happiness

Massage releases endorphins and reduces cortisol, leaving staff feeling elated

Clients of ours




Our pricing couldn’t be simpler –


1. The company pays (charged at £50 per hour)


2. The company subsidises the cost with staff paying the remainder


3. Staff pay (invoices can be provided for insurance claims)



What we provide

All equipment

Whether you opt for seated massage or a classic “lay down” style, we will bring all the equipment we need

Online booking system

Take the stress out of trying to coordinate your staff by using our free online booking system

Invoices & receipts

We are able to provide invoices and receipts for your company and any insurance companies you may deal with


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