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You’re tired, stressed out and can’t bear to face the city centre traffic. We’ve all been there.


Having a massage at home is the ultimate indulgence. Not only are you able to book in at a time which is convenient to you, you are able to relax in the comfort of your own home afterwards.


No parking fees, no babysitters, no traffic.

The Cambridge Massage Company will transform your chosen room into a cosy sanctuary. Not only do we bring a comfortable massage couch and pillows, we provide fragrant organic oils, fluffy towels & ambient music.


Choose either a 60, 90 or 120 minute treatment and let your cares drift away as we look after your every health and wellness need.

The Cambridge Massage Company is currently only taking home massage bookings for female clients (or male clients referred to us by a female client.)

Make The Most Of Your Home Massage By –

  • switching off your phone
  • wear loose, comfortable clothing or a robe
  • have fresh water at hand
  • choose a warm which is warm with minimal lighting
  • avoid heavy meals before & after your treatment

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